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High quality service is our number one priority. Mile High Community Management, Inc. is committed to timely and complete responses to both the Board of Directors and to the individual homeowner association property owners. We are also committed to maintaining a high level of service to all our customers as we grow by adding additional resources as necessary.  Mile High Community Management, Inc. has a convenient location in the heart of the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon.

    • Provide administrative support services to the Board of Directors
    • Develop policies and procedures for managing Association business.
    • Annual review of the Bylaws and Declarations of the Association.  MHCM to make recommendations to the Board regarding any modifications that would improve the operations of the Association.
    • Provide prompt response to owner calls, emails and faxed questions.  If an issue deems necessary to involve the Board of Directors, MHCM will forward the complaint/issue/question upon receipt from the homeowner.  MHCM strives to keep communication between the homeowner, board and MHCM "transparent".  MHCM has the support staff to handle a facet of issues from homeowners, whether positive or negative
    • Provide a 24/7 answering service for notification of emergency needs.
    • Maintain complete Association files.  MHCM to keep past and current Association records (homeowner files, correspondence, estimates, contracts, bills, Governing Documents, financial statements, escrow demands, CCR records, ARC applications, proxies, insurance, legal correspondence,  etc.) in accordance with the Association's Bylaws.  MHCM stores the aforementioned items in both electronic and hard copy format for immediate access.  
    • MCHM allows homeowners access to our facilities during normal business hours (9:00am – 5:00pm) to view and copy applicable Association documents.
    • Maintain current records of ownership for each lot including issuing welcome packets to new owners.
    • Respond within 24 hours to HOA demand statements requested by title/escrow companies
    • Locating and placement of association and insurance coverages.
    • Create colorful informative newsletters on a quarterly basis.  The newsletter will be a "team effort" between MHCM and the Board of Directors.  MHCM encourages Board Members to offer verbiage on each newsletter known as "President's Corner" or similar.  This section offers a more intimate approach to a quarterly newsletter for the homeowners.  MHCM has the tools to create an eye catching and informative newsletter for homeowners to enjoy. 
    • Furnish an "all hands on deck" approach to preparing for and participating in board meetings and Annual Meetings.   MHCM will post notice, take, distribute and archive meeting minutes for a minimum of 4 board meetings and one Annual Meeting as required by the Association's governing documents per year. 
    • MHCM will also assist the Board with the election process for electing Board Members.  If at any point in the year the Association requires a ballot vote, MCHM will assist in preparing and distributing the necessary documentation as required by the governing documents.   MHCM will provide essential tools to help the Board campaign any ballot measures that come to the Board's attention.
    • Assist the Board with launching and maintaining multiple committees designated by the Board.  MCHM to set up each committee member on an Association specific calendar providing them with important upcoming meeting dates.  MHCM has the tools and software (TOPS) to keep the committee members on task and "in the know".   
    CC&R Enforcement
    • Assist in resolving individual owner problems as they pertain to common elements, and governing rules and regulations.
    • Perform regular inspections to assess compliance with the CC&Rs and Bylaws.
    • Follow up on complaints of violations.
    • Issue violation notices and take other appropriate action necessary to resolve a violation in accordance with Board of Director policy.
    Common Property Management
    • Perform regular inspections of the common properties to ensure they are properly maintained.
    • Subject to the direction of the Board, MHCM will assist in locating, bidding and contracting with maintenance providers for common areas including but not limited to utilities, snow removal, landscaping, parking areas and exterior maintenance of the building.  MHCM has the distinct advantage of having our own contractor's license.  This is superior cost advantage to the Association.
    • Ensure that contractors are properly licensed, bonded and insured.
    • Keep maintenance at its best by oversight of the contract.
    • Make timely recommendations to the Board on preventative measures to reduce maintenance costs.
    • Make annual recommendations for improvement of the common properties and when repair/replacements should be initiated.
    • Prepare and annually update a "reserve fund study" for the Association.
    • MHCM to provide one on-site owner-liaison associate available seven days per week (exceptions itemized in the Contract) who will be the "go-to" person for homeowners, renters, Board of Directors and possible new owners in the Association.  The liaison will be responsible for general maintenance to the common areas (lighting, paint touch up, deck and wood maintenance, door hardware maintenance, and owner lounge/restrooms maintenance). The specific job duties of the on-site liaison are outlined in the contract attached hereto. 

    Accounts Receivable

    • Full-cycle bookkeeping to include quarterly billing of assessments, and applicable specials assessments.  MHCM will order and distribute, no later than December 15th of each calendar year, payment coupon books for all applicable owners. 
    • Collect and deposit assessments into bank accounts.
    • Monitor accounts receivable balances, prepare past due notices and initiate collection processes
    • Provide monthly accounts receivable report.
    • Provide a direct payment program for assessments if Board desires.
    Accounts Payable
    • Receive all invoices and prepare checks for Board signature.        
    • Monitor the checking account balance to ensure sufficient funds.
    • Prepare and mail IRS 1099s for vendor payments.
    • Process time records and prepare payroll checks for Board signature.
    • Make payroll tax deposits as required by state and federal law.
    • Prepare and submit periodic state and federal payroll tax reports.
    • Prepare and mail IRS W2 reports.
    Financial Recording and Statements

    • Record all financial transactions in the general ledger.
    • Complete bank reconciliations each month.
    • Prepare accurate and timely financial reports each month.
    • Prepare a year-end Statement of Operations for the Association. Arrange for corporate tax filings.
    • If requested by the Board of Directors, MHCM will assist with the preparation of annual taxes and financial statements by a licensed CPA, hired by the Association.  MHCM will administer the year-end tax process.
    • Prepare and file Annual Report required by State of Oregon.
    • Prepare annual operating budget for the Association.
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